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Enliven! Consulting uses engaging and dynamic methods to help not-for-profits, faith communities, camps, and small business enterprises increase their productivity through improved collaboration.

Power of Smart Teams

The Power of Smart Teams workshop uses the Four Dimensions of Intelligence (4D-i) Profile. This unique, world class tool from One Smart World links personal development with individual and organizational productivity. The 4D-i reveals the preferred thinking patterns of each team member. Based on this key information, the Power of Smart Teams workshop mobilizes groups to realize their potential to harness the diverse energies and capacities of each individual to fulfill the mission of the organization.

Executive Team Chartering

Often an organization’s top managers function independently rather than interdependently. This can lead to competition instead of collaboration and turf protection instead of maximizing benefits to the organization. Using the Executive Team Chartering process developed by Work Systems Associates of Canada, teams develop a powerful sense of organizational ownership which multiplies creativity, cooperation and commitment while enhancing the role of the CEO. See also www.worksystemscanada.com

Power of Smart Communication

Communication is at the heart of team building. The Power of Smart Communication workshop uses the Four Dimensions of Intelligence Profile developed by One Smart World. The 4D-i provides group and personal awareness of the way team members create, understand, think and express personal spirit. This information serves as a platform for group members to hear each other better and respond in new and effective ways as they pursue the mission of their organization. An option with this workshop is to relate the One Smart World thinking skills to interpersonal conflict, thereby creating a platform to transform conflict into a positive dynamic.

The Power of Smart Meetings

The Power of Smart Meetings workshop presents a three dimensional approach to raising meetings to new levels of effectiveness. This unique approach is based on the 21 core thinking skills identified by OneSmartWorld in developing the ground breaking Four Dimensions of Intelligence profile. With an understanding of these thinking skills, groups make better choices as to who needs to be at the meeting, what thought processes are needed for each agenda item and who can take the lead at each stage of finding the solution. Reason, instinct, values and experience each make their contribution to the final decision, resulting in group confidence and ownership.

A Testimonial from One Smart World about their work with Westjet: "Westjet provided smart meetings training for its employees and experienced an over 500% Return on Investment. See details at www.OneSmartWorld.com.

The OSW website also provides details about a Smarter Meetings license and video materials available online. Enliven! Consulting is available to provide custom, value added coaching to purchasers of this product."


"I felt the workshop was informative, energizing and a great change of pace from the everyday workplace setting. It was refreshing to get to see a new perspective on how to better engage your audience when leading a meeting. I was impressed with the amount of material we were each able to take home with us for further use."

"I appreciated the 'scientific' approach to setting up the meeting. I related to the colour/shape coding, which will help my staff and I to have a meeting with structure and substance."

"Your "Power of Smart Meetings Workshop" maximizes the potential of any meeting environment by teaching structure and focus. By applying the simple principles of "mindset" and "determining outcomes", one can avoid wasted hours in the boardroom and maximize idea-returns quickly while utilizing input from everyone involved."

Team Development Activities (TDA's) for Camps and Other Groups

Team Development Activities, or TDA’s, incorporate a spirit of play and adventure with building skills in problem solving, collaboration and mutual care. Groups benefit as members deepen mutual understanding and build a shared sense of purpose. Activities ranging from sedate to zany, but all purposeful, can be done outdoors or indoors and matched to the needs of the group. Groups learn to hold in harmony their mission, team work and caring for the individual. The result is new energy for the mission.


"TDAs serve as the ultimate ice breaker. Whether you have worked together for one year or thirty years you always learn something new about your co-workers.... TDA's prepared my self as well as the people that I work with for the many challenges that were in store for the coming summer. I honestly believe that if it were not for TDA's my team would not have faced these challenges with the amount poise and co-operation that they did. The beauty of TDAs is that they allow your team to achieve a task that seems otherwise impossible. This empowers each team member with the knowledge that together they can achieve anything!"

"TDA's were an integral part of our leadership training at camp. It bonded us together into a cohesive leadership team. Even though we would be working together, the elements of playing together taught us invaluable skills such as communication, conflict resolution and problem solving, to name a few. It not only taught us HOW to work together as a team, but also WHY we needed to work together. Unified leadership leads to longevity... the more we stick together, the longer we can last in our positions of leadership and the more effective we will be."

"There were a several good things about the TDAs. As a participant it gave me the chance to finally interact with the staff that I would be working along side for the duration of the summer in a practical way. We would problem solve together allowing each other to recognize our individual strengths as well as encouraging people in their abilities. The TDAs were a good time to team build and have fun."

"I had not really gotten to know a large number of people, and there were very few familiar faces.... Throughout the TDA I felt entirely lost, struggling with the activity.... At just about the point when I was wishing the activity would just end, I felt a comforting pat on my shoulder. When, later, we were allowed to talk, many offered words of encouragement, and I grew to trust the people I was in the activity with.... It felt like we were working towards a common goal (which, actually, we were.) Some of those feelings stuck with me for the rest of the summer. Every time I thought back to that TDA it helped me keep in mind that everyone at camp was working towards the same goal, and remembering how uplifted I felt when others encouraged me, I was reminded to encourage others..."