About Enliven!


Enliven! Consulting President Bob Wiebe has been harnessing human capacity for more than 30 years.

Bob has facilitated growth experiences for business, not for profit, educational, church and camp groups. He has provided personal coaching for leaders and professionals.

Prior to consulting, Bob provided vision and leadership for 18 years as Director of Camps with Meaning, a multi site organization dedicated to life changing experiences for children, youth and adults with disabilities. Bob has provided leadership within the camping industry as President of both the North American Mennonite Camping Association and the Manitoba Camping Association.

Bob's other capacity harnessing experiences include teaching music in public and private schools and assisting with church ministries. Bob has received trainer certification from One Smart World and is equipped to coach churches using the Natural Church Development process. He is a team member with Work Systems Associates Canada.


Enliven! Consulting is committed to providing excellent service to clients seeking expertise in leadership and organizational growth. Our client relationships...
... are customized to client needs, based on listening to and learning about the organization.
... are long term commitments, extending from learning to implementation stages.
... use real life and real time situations as the basis for transformative learning.
... integrate strategic changes which help departments align their efforts.


Enliven! Consulting partners with the following world class Canadian providers of tools to assess and develop organizations:

  • One Smart World: OneSmartWorld.com
    One Smart World, founder Bob Wiele, has created the world’s only all in one people development and productivity solution. This system helps people succeed, helps teams get more work done and enables enterprises to innovate. It does this by helping people learn to think better and work smarter www. Enliven! Consulting President Bob Wiebe is a certified OSW trainer.

  • Works Systems Associates Canada: www.worksystemscanada.com
    WSA has created the unique and effective Organizational Development Survey and related services. The ODS, developed by Howard Reznick of Boston, has been used with great success with national and international organizations in business, not for profit and government. Work Sytems Canada has developed game changing applications of the ODS which help organizations get better faster.

  • Organic Quality Management :www.OrganicQualityManagement.com
    Organic Quality Management was developed by Christoph Schalk and is related to the Natural Church Development process (below). It is useful to Christian not for profits (camps, schools, ministries) and businesses. The survey measures the following key characteristics: leadership, team-work, relationships, organizational structures, personal spirituality, culture, and authenticity.

  • Natural Church Development: www.NaturalChurchDevelopmentCanada.com
    Natural Church Development was developed and updated by Christian Schwarz. It is based on the principle of “all by itself” growth. When churches attend to the characteristics measured by NCD, growth occurs “all bit itself” whether or not a growth goal is in place. The survey measures the following key characteristics: empowering leadership, gift-based ministry, passionate spirituality, effective structures, inspiring worship services, holistic small groups, need-oreinted evalngelism, loving relationships.


    Enliven! Consulting operates from an office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It serves clients in Winnipeg, rural Manitoba, the Prairie Provinces and beyond.

    Client List

    Enliven! Consulting has provided services for
    Kroeker Farms, Winkler
    Youth For Christ, Winnipeg
    Canadian Sunday School Mission
    Westgate Mennonite Collegiate
    Altona Bergthaler Mennonite Church
    Rock Lake United Church Camp
    Camp Squeah, British Columbia
    Dr. C. W. Wiebe Medical Clinic, Winkler
    Camp Arnes
    South Eastman English and Literacy Services
    Individual Leaders

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