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Enliven! Consulting uses engaging and dynamic methods to help not-for-profits, faith communities, camps, and small business enterprises to make meaningful and realistic plans in an ever changing environment.

Strategic Planning

Using the strategic planning cycle developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs, in combination with the ground breaking ideas about human thinking championed by One Smart World, organizations will be guided in the rewarding task of charting their course to their preferred future. This innovative and efficient process enables groups to identify a practical vision and address the obstacles to be faced before making specific plans for the future. The end result is a realistic action plan which galvanizes the group to commitment and action. Groups will make a realistic and exciting plan for the next 2-3 years, and do it in 8-12 hours of engaging group activity!

Research to Support Strategic Planning

Using a variety of surveys, interviews, and research methods, key information is provided to enable strategic planning. This information may consist of expert advice, group opinion, historical timelines, trends, comparisons with similar groups, assessment of energy required for change, or whatever the group needs.

The Power of Rapid Innovation

The Power of Rapid Innovation workshop maximizes the diverse assets of the group by unlocking the creative potential resident in the organization. Using the core thinking skills identified by OneSmartWorld, the process draws upon the capacity of groups to brain storm, create insights, envision future outcomes, solve problems and choose preferred options. The pace is fast, the mood is fun and the result is new ideas and community ownership.


"Bob employs an effective process that allows each voice to be heard. He carefully manages the process without pre-determining the outcome. He stimulates without controlling." —Cornel Rempel